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Louis Pettinelli Entertainment employed over 175 musicians in 2018, and has a network of hundreds of musicians throughout The East Coast. We also typically have multiple events and performers out on a given day, especially during the peak summer and holiday seasons! If you notice that we have events occurring on our calendar on the same day and time as your event, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can surely provide a performer for your event! All of the musicians and performers employed by Louis Pettinelli Entertainment are top-notch professionals that must pass an audition in order to work for us. In addition, we routinely evaluate performers on their performances and professionalism to ensure that the highest standard of professionalism is exhibited. 

Similarly, if you have an event occurring out of our typical performance areas, don’t write us off! Louis Pettinelli Entertainment is constantly expanding, and possesses musical connections all over the country and world.

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